Timetables and how get on board from Turku or Stockholm

You can join the conference cruise either in Turku on the 6th of September, or in Stockholm on the 7th.

M/S Viking Grace departs from Turku on the 6th of September at 20.55 and arrives to Stockholm on the 7th of September at 6.30 in the morning. The boat departs at 7.45. From each stop we are boarding as a group. You need to be present in the terminal at least 40 minutes before boat departure, to allow for the distribution of cabins and boarding cards among the delegates.

The conference ends when the boat arrives to Turku on the 8th of September at 19.50. You can stay overnight in Turku (book by yourself from the Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs which have a pre-booked quota at a special price (instructions here) or from other hotels at www.booking.com) and join the study tour to Finnish biogas plants on Friday the 9th of September (50 first, registration needed). The study tour will finish by dropping you off at Helsinki Airport no later than 16.00 the same day.

For those of you leaving for home on Thursday evening, there is a minimum of two options:

Please note that all times are local (Finland is CET +1h).

One day attendance for the conference is also possible and the boat departs from the harbours every day in the same schedule. Boarding guidance will be announced later.

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Excursions in Finnish biogas plants

Held on the M/S Viking Grace

Stockholm, Sweden - Turku, Finland.

The new vessel will be able to use three alternative fuels: traditional heavy fuel oil, diesel or liquefied natural gas (LNG), which results in less emissions. When running on LNG, the vessel meets all the new emission rules now being devised by the European Union.

The hull of the vessel will be hydrodynamically optimized to minimize its fuel consumption and cause the smallest possible waves, which is particularly important when passing through an archipelago.

The vessel's propulsion engines are diesel/gas electric to minimize its energy requirement. To achieve the highest efficiency, the propellers will be of a new type for this kind of passenger vessel.

Thanks to new soundproofing technology, the noise level will be very low. In practice, our new flagship will be a very quiet vessel, both when operating at sea and while in port.


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